Phone: +91 96811 70798
                +91 33 2320 2656
Phone: +91 96811 70798
                +91 33 2320 2656


  • Offering services for collection, recycling and safe disposal of e-waste & Non-Ferrous metals .
  • Under the supervision of our experts, waste of electronic and non-ferrous hazardous metals waste disposed and recycled at our factory unit.
  • With the help of our professionals, we collect, weigh, and separate the material on the basis of its composition, Then after the recycling process done.
  • We provide the clients with Data Erasure, Logistic, Collection of Electronic Waste, providing Waste Management and Recycling Services.
  • Listening to the needs of our customers.
  • We do effective and safe disposal and recycling of different Non-Ferrous material and e-waste.
  • To create/raise awareness towards sustainable e-waste management in India and both the national, organizational and household level.
  • value creation from the waste.
  • Contact J S Pigments to dispose any kind of e-waste & Non ferrous wastes by phone¬† 9339850895 or email: and let us know what you like to dispose and we will provide you a most customized services at your door step in all over India.
  • We provide a solution related to storage and handling of e-waste & Hazardous waste.
  • We issue clean & Green environment certificate to our client.